Monday, May 21, 2007

McCain may have dropped the f-bomb in a meeting, but if so, it was definitely in a gerund.

I'm sorry, guys, but this is too hilarious to pass up. It's from Fox News ... I've highlighted what to me is the funniest part. It's an article about an immigration reform meeting that John McCain was involved in.

You can read the whole article here.

Two Republican aides with firsthand knowledge of the fracas told FOX News that McCain, growing impatient with the presentation, interrupted Cornyn and challenged his commitment to strike a deal, describing the delay with an expletive for chicken feces. McCain even suggested Cornyn just leave the room.

An incredulous Cornyn hit back at McCain by insulting his attendance record at meetings and saying the candidate can't just "parachute" into the room, the aides recounted. According to the aides, McCain then lobbed the "F" bomb at Cornyn and said he is more of an expert on immigration than anyone in the room.

A McCain spokeswoman vehemently denied that the senator had used this highly-inflammatory phrase, suggesting the senator might have used the profanity in a gerund to request that the meeting just move forward. The aide said she had never heard the senator use such a phrase in her year on his staff.

Don't tell me that's not funny ...

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